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We are a tenacious and passionate team with an impressive repertoire, boasting more than 50 years of combined experience in the health sector. Our expertise encompasses managing medical practices, delivering health services, and leading people with a firm belief in the power of compassionate care. Our rich history has granted us a profound understanding of the intricate relationship between doctors and patients, as well as how emerging technologies can revolutionize this dynamic to yield a more efficient, affordable healthcare system. 


Throughout our journey, we have consistently been at the forefront of innovation. We deeply comprehend the potential of technology in the healthcare realm. We have witnessed the transformative power it holds, helping streamline processes, enhance accessibility, and most importantly, improve patient outcomes. However, our role extends beyond mere observers; we strive to be active participants and facilitators in this digital healthcare revolution. 


Our business revolves around one fundamental ethos - 'partnership'. We view our collaborators not as mere clients, but as partners working together towards the shared goal of delivering exemplary, affordable healthcare. The technology we harness is not an end in itself but a means to enrich the lives of patients and to support our partners in their noble pursuit of health and wellness.  


In a nutshell, our team is driven by a steadfast commitment to empower healthcare providers and their patients, leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to redefine the healthcare landscape, making it more accessible, affordable, and efficient for everyone. We stand as catalysts for change, continuously striving to facilitate the delivery of first-class healthcare services, as we believe everyone deserves nothing less. 



Edward Leatham


Director and Consultant Cardiologist

Having set up several successful medical practices and developed the IT infrastructure for modern medical practice he founded MedicalSpace in 2022 to provide services to help share his knowledge and experience to provide assistance and expertise to other medical establishments and colleagues. 

Emily Nagle


Director and Business Development Manager

15 years’ experience in medical devices and pharma in sales and for the last 7 years was regional sales manager for Boston Scientific, Emily has a great depth of business experience with a large team to manage and looking after many different consultants and NHS Trusts.  Emily has joined MedicalSpace to help manage and expand the business group.  

Rute Soares


Business Unit Manager

Previously Practice Manager at SCVC and VCL, Rute is now company secretary, looks after business and financials as a board member of a number of our organisations 

Emily Leatham


Project and Applications Manager

Emily has four years’ experience in developing specialist data systems and working as project manager and data analyst. 

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