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We supply services to medical practitioners, medical practices and to patients direct.

Data on a Touch Pad

Project Management

Providing everything required for affordable digital transformation and back office operation for independent clinics and individual consultant private practices:

  • AW3 electronic patient records

  • We have many years of data base and integration expertise

  • To assist medical triage and result reporting

  • Data management and retention

  • Diagnosis and medication database required for audits and clinical excellence

  • Feedback surveys on your practice

  • Training and software support

  • DICOM Image archiving and movements in and out of NHS Trusts for cancer and cardiovascular MDT

  • Outsourced Credit control and invoicing services  

MedicalSpace Mail (MSM)

  • Simple and secure

  • Replaces Email and Fax

  • Encrypted communications

  • Included in Bronze plan.

Write Medical Letters, Stat ('WMLS')

Hand your patient their expert report and letter as they leave the consulting room

We have developed WMLS using a blend of latest technology including speech recognition, data collection app and AI to be able to produce a complex medical report in real time. The technology is being refined ready for launch Autumn 2023.

MedicalSpace consultancy


  • Negotiators for tariffs and consultant fees 

  • Accountancy and back-office support   

  • VAT and tax compliance  

  • IRMER and CQC compliance  

  • NHS contracts

Doctor Examining CT Scan

MedicalSpace Integrated EPR packages

Integrated Electronic Patient Record


Products start from £28 per consultant per month.

With an annual contract:

  • Bronze £28

  • Silver £180

  • Gold POA


View the full pricing plan here.

Medical Worker

Mymedicalspace ‘MMS’

“the future of healthcare”

Designed for smart healthcare which tracks long-term medical conditions, MMS puts the patient at the centre of their own record and fully engaged in their own health metrics. The healthcare provider can thus empower their patient and offer more consistent continuous care, using less resources.

Blood Pressure

MMS Wellness

Designed to help people stay healthy by monitoring their own metrics such as weight, blood pressure and dietary intake, without healthcare professional oversight. MMS Wellness is undergoing beta-testing and should be available from 2024.

To pre register your interest in MMS, Medication Rx and WMLS please enter your email address below and we will contact you once available.

Medication Rx

‘Accurate, Fast, E-prescribing’

For busy people, the convenience of a well organised private e-prescription with delivery to their home, outweighs the consideration of cost.

Medication Rx is our medical practitioner platform used to record and check for intolerances and allergies before conveniently issuing an E-prescription. Generated in seconds, and without a wet signature, the patient receives an immediate SMS and email, which they can choose to either order by post on a next day delivery from our online pharmacy, or alternatively, pick up at any local dispensing pharmacy.

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